Gratitude for our Silent Heroes

July 27, 2020
I have realized that true and authentic gratitude is not a one-off thing because someone did something nice for you. Gratitude is a way of life, a way of being that opens the doors to a whole new realm. A new perspective of reality.
As I began to live from a space of deep, genuine gratitude - a space within myself that I just couldn't access before this experience - I felt drawn to share my appreciation for all those that helped me the day of my accident. 
My gratitude mission started with Central Saanich Police. That day, the police were on-site within minutes, deep in the trenches, assessing my situation. Relief immediately set in because I was not alone. I wanted someone to be there with me - to stay by my side - as I silently and repeatedly negotiated with the Universe. The police officer not only stayed, but showed empathy and kindness. He compassionately reassured me that no one else was involved in the accident....
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