How I Fully Feel Anger and Shift Through the Underlying Story!

Anger is not a “bad” emotion

Anger is an emotion that I have easily accessed compared to others.  It was not a feeling that I was conditioned to believe that I had to suppress. As a young adult, I remember feeling anger in my body and not understanding where it was coming from - only that I felt it deeply within me. I found ways to leverage anger to my advantage - mostly by pushing myself physically harder when I was training for something or mentally harder when I was trying to achieve something. 

Growing up, anger was one emotion that was role modelled very differently by each of my parents. When my father felt angry (frustrated) he would fully feel it and explode however he needed to (it’s how I learned my repertoire of swear words!). When the emotion was out of his system, he could carry on with life. It was quick. It was full-on. Then it was gone. We learned to get out of the way and give him the space he needed in those...

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