InnerGuidance Old Story Fire Ceremony

 Old Story Fire Ceremony

A very powerful and transformational signature InnerGuidance tool is the Old Story Fire Ceremony - a truth telling process for greater healing and freedom.

Whether it is during a retreat or an individual session, I will lead participants through an InnerGuidance guided journey that invites in a deep exploration of a story that is limiting and hindering them. Afterwards, I prompt them as they write their lack story - in order to fully reveal it, to clear it, to let it be honored one last time and to let it go - so that it no longer has power over them as they chose their new reality. 

In a safe space, lovingly called the “no karma” zone, they are invited to express anything and everything. They have permission to blame whoever is responsible for co-creating and contributing to the story AND they are encouraged to take responsibility for how they co-created the story. The empowerment is in the ability to be honest about the...

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