My Story




I began my career as a lawyer

with a top tier international law firm based in the UK (Allen & Overy LLP). During this time, I decided I was ready to take up martial arts. I chose kickboxing and threw myself into the rigorous physical and mental discipline involved in training and grading for each belt. When I first began kickboxing, I believed that obtaining my blackbelt was the final destination. After achieving it, I immediately realized that the blackbelt merely symbolized the beginning of my learning, not the end! My journey with martial arts became the gateway into accessing the power of presence.  Without realizing it, kickboxing became my practice of “meditation” as every moment required full awareness. The consequence being a roundhouse kick to the face (much like life’s lessons when we resist what IS and choose suffering instead of acceptance and growth)! 


As a competitive athlete my whole life, I felt drawn to support others in their fitness and became a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).  I chose this shift in my career for many reasons, one of them as an answer to a calling to support others in their personal development.

After experiencing two miscarriages when trying to conceive my second child,

there was a deep knowing that something within me needed to transform in order to break through this breakdown point in my life. I immediately met Amara Samata, founder of InnerGuidance™ and InnerGuidance™ International, and therein began a never ending process of self-illumination, self-realization and self-actualization under her teaching and guidance. I quickly realized that I needed to step up and show up even more in my life in order to be of service in the deepest, most impactful and life changing ways possible. I therefore became an InnerGuidance™ Certified Affiliate Facilitator and Coach Practitioner and Co-Founder of InnerGuidance™ Canada.

My most humbling moment as a parent was when I finally realized that my children are my greatest and wisest teachers.

I saw that our children are here to awaken us into our True Nature. All it takes from us is a willingness to look within, a commitment to heal ourselves from our perceived wounds, a resolve to identify and break generational patterns and a devotion to deconstruct all conditioning.

When I realized this, my entire parenting style shifted and I set upon my mission 

to be a part of the movement to transform and upgrade the parenting paradigm one child and one family at a time, starting with my own. I had the honor of studying under Dr. Shefali Tsabary and I am a Certified Coach Practitioner in Conscious Parenting Coaching Method™ from the Conscious Coaching Institute. 

My life's turning point in which "I" awakened to the Truth of every moment: LOVE.

After many spontaneous awakenings, or shifts of perception into the true nature of reality, I began to heal myself from the illusion that I was somehow broken or incomplete. As the egoic perception of duality fell away, the seeds of all wisdom teachings came to fruition during an incredible and miraculous car “accident”. On July 26th 2019, four days before my 40th birthday, I was driving by myself on the highway. My vision became blurry and I began to realize that something big was happening - not to me but FOR me. I immediately dropped into awareness and began negotiating with the Universe. “OK, Universe, show me what I need to see right now. I don’t have long before I faint. I need to know and see now. ”

The Shift

It was in this moment where time and space ceased to exist and there was a full surrender into Truth. The veil was lifted and there was the realization that there is no beginning and no end to our True Essence. This moment showed me what death is NOT and there was immediate peace with the moment. No fear of death and no fear of LIFE. For the first time, there was no fear of life itself! With this love and acceptance of what IS, there was an even deeper surrender into awareness and a full letting go into the mystery of the unknown. 

When “I” woke up, everything was disoriented. My car was resting on the driver's side after rolling into and sliding along a very deep ditch. The world was upside down and yet it finally felt right side up! As the first responders supported me and worked diligently to extricate me from my car, I remained in awareness. In awe and gratitude at what was unfolding and what I was being shown in each moment. Feeling the blissful and all-embracing love that surrounds us whether we are aware of it or not. As I was extracted out of the sunroof on a stretcher, I looked up at the beautiful expansive sky above me. Tears of joy and love as the heart awakened, cracking wide open and reconnecting to its unity with all of existence. 

This experience was miraculous and opened a new realm in which I can only live my life in gratitude because I saw (and can’t unsee) that the only thing that is ever happening in each moment is LOVE! 

There was also the realization that, much like the blackbelt, awakening into our True Nature is not a destination. It is a continuous unfolding process of learning and unlearning. Every moment is just the beginning!

"Jen holds a space of full presence and authenticity in her coaching sessions. She creates a nurturing field of trust to explore your inner world. Her ability to identify conditioning, belief systems and patterns that are hindering your ability to live your most authentic life is evident from the outset. She brings you to choicepoint - empowering you to decide, through awareness, what you are willing to continue and not continue co-creating in your life. Coaching sessions with Jen will invite profound insights and the opportunity to embody and integrate your truest self."

Dr. Emma Farr Rawlings, PhD
Author of The Divine Child: Your Soul’s Inner Voice

"Jen introduced me to this new paradigm in parenting and having experienced accelerated results I am committed to continue following the path of Conscious Parenting. I am so grateful to have Jen as my amazing coach. She has an extraordinary gift in creating a meaningful, genuine and authentic connection. Her kindness, compassion, and calm demeanor creates an inviting and safe space in which you immediately feel at ease. She coaches without judgment or expectations as she guides you through layers of self-inquiry that are thought-provoking and challenging. She supports you as you peel back the layers of your being, eliciting your truths. Her depth of knowledge enables you to discover and voice your new levels of personal understanding, allowing you to grow both as an individual and as a parent. During our first session, I had one of my biggest “aha” moments as a parent when I realized that I carry a heaviness around the “traditional” parenting I was raised with as a child. I became aware that I have, at times, projected onto my children moments of unhappiness I felt in my own childhood. Recognizing and acknowledging this immediately felt like a burden had been lifted from my shoulders. "

British Columbia, Canada

Let's Rise Together

I am devoted to our collective rising and awakening. My work is driven by my commitment to Truth. My skills and training are designed to support you, your family, and community to discover your own truth and live it fully. This is your time to do your inner work. Connect with me: