My mission is to support you

in accessing your pure potential 

in order to live as the

authentic and empowered You,

which is continuously evolving.

I’m here to guide you into You.

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Here's how I can support you

I offer transformational coaching and programs both online and in-person. I work with individuals, couples, parents and families. My bespoke sessions incorporate a unique and powerful blend of principles and tools (Conscious Parenting, InnerGuidance and Compassionate Inquiry) in order to illuminate and unpack conditioning, belief systems and patterns that are hindering one’s ability to live their highest potential in all areas of life. I teach clients how to shift the repetitive, destructive self-talk into a more conscious, optimized inner dialogue. Clients learn how to renegotiate their inner and outer world, thereby breaking through internal conflict and creating a new understanding and supportive relationship with themselves and with others.

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Jen is gifted in helping people transform their lives and relationships. She will help you find the courage you never even knew you possessed. Her calm and brilliant ways will shine the light on your true self and pave the path toward all your goals. Work with her and you will be amazed at your discoveries!

Dr. Shefali Tsabary, PhD. Acclaimed Author, Wisdom Teacher, Clinical Psychologist, International Speaker


Jen is an insightful and intuitive facilitator of healing and awakening for individuals, families and communities. She will support and guide you in accessing your true self, bringing greater wisdom, clarity, and freedom to your life and your relationships.

Amara Samata, Founder InnerGuidance™ Institute and The Samata System™ 

Let's Rise Together

I am devoted to our collective rising and awakening. My work is driven by my commitment to Truth. My skills and training are designed to support you, your family, and community to discover your own truth and live it fully. This is your time to do your inner work. Connect with me:


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