I am here to support your self-liberation.

Our challenges, our children and our relationships are designed to evolve us. There are ways to accelerate your healing,  growth and awakening.

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What is the Inner Wisdom work?

Jen incorporates a blend of healing modalities, including InnerGuidance and Compassionate Inquiry. The Inner Wisdom work has become a profound process of inner discovery that works by supporting and accessing one’s total self intelligence - including physical, emotional, psychological and energetic. The unique, inquiry-based sessions lead to choice point and change. The results? More clarity, freedom of choice, and greater access to a more authentic, aligned, loving and empowered life. 

What is Conscious Parenting? 

The Conscious Parenting Method™ involves a transformational blend of Western psychology and Eastern wisdom, inviting and supporting deep healing and awakening in the parent. For those clients seeking guidance in conscious parenting, I support the parent in:

  • Identifying their child’s needs and creating connection
  • Discovering who it is they authentically are AND who it is their children authentically are
  • Identifying and focusing on natural consequences 
  • Achieving more empowered communication with their children AND a sense of lightness and joy in parenting
  • Understanding underlying challenges of the family dynamic and creating solutions and a workable plan of action 

Transformational Offerings

Three 60 minute sessions online or in-person


Sessions incorporate conscious re-parenting (of self), conscious parenting (if applicable) and conscious re-negotiation with different aspects of self. 




Six 60 minute sessions online or in-person


Sessions incorporate conscious re-parenting (of self), conscious parenting (if applicable) and conscious re-negotiation with different aspects of self. 




Bespoke group offerings




Pricing and availability upon request

"Having worked extensively with Jen as an InnerGuidance facilitator over the past couple of years I have witnessed first hand how her skills are deeply enriched with wisdom and compassion. Jen holds the space for healing with such integrity and awareness. She is able to respond to an individual’s needs and apply a deep connection of intuition with every arising moment. Jen has profound awareness to be with every person in a way that supports their own empowerment to move through any fear and supports each person to find their own inner-strength to rise above any perceived obstacles that may be present in their physical, emotional and energetic bodies. It is an absolute pleasure to receive Jen’s support and guidance. She has helped me to find profound insights that have shifted my perception of myself and my relationship with life. Thank you, Jen, for all your love and pure-hearted support and guidance. "

Lola Taylor

"Jen is such a gift to the world! Full of integrity, love, wisdom, compassion and kindness. Her presence and expertise is truly remarkable. She always finds the best way possible to support her clients, allowing them to experience everything they need to experience for their inner healing with no judgment. I have known Jen for several years now and I have seen her commitment to Truth in everything she does and the way she does it. I, myself, had several very powerful experiences with InnerGuidance and Jen has been an integral part of all of them. Thank you for what you do, Jen. The world is lucky to have you."

Yana Fry

"I had the honour of sharing space with Jen at an InnerGuidance retreat she co-facilitated in Bali. Her presence is that of loving support and compassion, open and honest communication, as well as deep intuitive care that she uses masterfully to facilitate profound transformation. Her humble way of being is inspiring and I am truly grateful for the moments we shared. Thank you, Jen. I hope many others experience the transformative process that you share. It is a true gift."

Jai Aitken
New Zealand

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